I  am another you.

Just like you, I have a yoni (pussy) silently guarded by the labia. Her inner lips are larger then the outer ones; I never understood why scientifically the inner lips were named labia minora as—the guys studying our anatomy got it all wrong. Just like those who insist that the G-spot doesn’t exist. Well, I do have one (though it’s an area and not a spot!) and you do so too.

Becoming an INTIMACY coach wasn't exactly on my

"when I grow up I wanna be..." list. 

How did I get here?

One day I decided to go celibate. For a month. You may be laughing… But the story was not so funny as I was self-pleasuring myself to sleep most nights during the years when I suffered from insomnia – a quick-fix clitoral orgasm would help me fall asleep. During that month I experienced the potency of the sexual energy building up in my lower energy centres and I literally didn’t know what to do with myself—it wasn't even pleasant! I was lucky enough to be surrounded by awakened people who taught me how to circulate this energy by doing breathwork. This is when I truly discovered the power of conscious sexuality – like Columbus "discovering" the South American lands which had been always there… After years of searching for love externally I came back home – to the temple of my body.

This sparked a fire in me that has been fuelling my journey ever since.

Inspired by Tao and Tantric traditions, energized by a various trainings and countless workshops, I’ve dedicated my life to exploring different portals to true self-love.

I had to face my traumas and discover that I actually did not love myself that much.

I screamed when I touched upon the old emotional pain in my cervix. And I sometimes still do.

I discovered that my breasts were completely numb and after a minute of touching them I was bored. Bored! How can I expect someone else to honour my breasts the way they deserve to be ravished if I can’t do this myself?


So I began claiming my space in the world by intentionally awakening my sexuality.

Heading 2

If you've met me in person, you know that I vibrate pretty damn strong when it comes to conversations about sexual empowerment!

It's my deepest soul's calling to serve fellow sisters and brothers when it comes to our collective sexual awakening.  

Through conscious sexuality we can access the deep sources of life energy available within—this alone is the most potent tool that empowers, inspires and bridges us to higher states of consciousness. 

how sexuality became sacred

Even we live in a society where we're bombarded with messages about sex, our actual sexuality is unbelievably suppressed. Most love jokes about sex but few can hold a healthy conversation about it without turning their eyes away. Luckily, sexual energy doesn't go away by us ignoring it. This life energy is accessible at all times for ALL of us and , once it is activated, it creates a natural radiance around you.

It wouldn't be an overstatement to say that most of my whole life revolves around conscious sexuality. No, dear, it doesn't mean that I all speak about is sex and I have sex with everyone I meet! Quite the contrary.

Sexuality has become so sacred, special and heart-connected, that when love making happens it has the power to touch upon my soul and take me to otherworldly realms.

Relationships are no longer an escape strategy to not feel loneliness; relationships are my deepest catalysts for growth and expansion.

It is my daily practice to nourish the most intimate connection I have in my life—that with my Divine self—which in turn upgrades all of my other relationships.

I share only WHAT I EXPERIENCEd 

to truly work in my

own body and life 

No-BS policy. I speak about restoring pleasure in the cervix because I've moved through the numbness myself. If I share about raising your sexual energy to the heart, it's because I know experientially how blissful this feels, and it's part of my regular practice. 


15 mins of experiential embodiment to me are more meaningful than 15 new theoretical concepts.