feminine bliss codes
An 8-week group intensive for bold-hearted women ready to jumpstart their sexual awakening

An 8-week jam-packed group program for women who struggle with lack of sexual desire, unfulfilling pleasure + disconnection from their femininity.

For women who are ready to activate their luscious sexuality, experience heart-connected orgasms + confidently accept all of their wild, uncensored totality.

does this sound like you?

✔ Your Youtube home page is filled with spiritual videos, you are reading all the right books and downloading free webinars, and yet you never feel like doing any hands-on practice.

“Next time! You don't feel like changing now”—that little monster is silently whispering on your shoulder!


✔ You already have a yoni egg, but it’s just getting dusty somewhere in a drawer.

✔ You cap your pleasure experiences in life.  You just pull the plug when something feels too pleasurable, too orgasmic, and for too long, because you secretly believe that you don't deserve "that much" of the good stuff.

✔ You spend your days in your masculine (doing, achieving, being goal-focused). Deep down,  you painfully long with a longing to be relieved of this relentlessly task of holding things together.

✔ You fear to surrender to the unknown in life, sex or your own intense emotions. You unconsciously, try to control what / when / with whom you feel...

✔ You expect your partner to bring your orgasm home, because, deep down, you feel scared or awkward to go and meet your “down there” yourself?

In essence, you feel that your current life doesn’t quite touch the depths of your soul. Nothing is hitting “the spot”. Not your job, where you spend most of your life. Not your group of besties. Not even that new spirulina / dress / retreat / car / house. Not even the loving gaze of your beloved one seems to fill that void, in a way that truly lasts.


If you said YES to any of the above then I welcome you home, my Queen.


I know that feeling in my own flesh and bones. That feeling where you make it seem that you’ve got it all together but deep down your soul is intensely aching and longing.


There's something fundamental missing. 

More often than not, this piece is the disconnection from your body, heart and sexuality.


Our natural state is that of

pleasure, blissful relaxation, and "orgasmic-ness."

Let me show you the way home.

Activate your...


Master your emotions: bravely lean into their intensity and allow them to teach you what they came to teach you. Shadow work is your New Black!

Let go of the “I’m too much / not enough” story”: befriend your wild woman, and finally take up the space in the world that you desire. Unapologetically. 

This program if for you you if you desire to:

Re-sensitize and activate your yoni.  Trust your yoni oracle enough to actually let her guide you through life. Lead your life based on your own Intuitive Truth.

Reclaim your sexual desire and know how to cultivate it so that it becomes an infinite source of energy and creativity in life.

Embody and integrate your sexuality in all realms of your life, not just in the bedroom, so that your whole life becomes a natural extension of your erotic activation.

Open up to new flavours of pleasure in your sexuality.  Those mechanical, predictable orgasms are so 90s!

Confidently express your desires and stop playing small when it comes to asking for what you need.

modules or bliss codes

I. Sacred container & strong mindset 

Laying a solid foundation for this journey: setting intentions, learning how to take inspired action, and move through (not against!) resistance. I will share a powerful manifestation practice, which will allow your Higher Self to guide you throughout the journey (and thoughtful your whole life, if you wish).

II. Pleasure and sensual body 

Pleasure anatomy: how to open up your sensual body and awaken the breasts. Understanding what’s inside your yoni and how to touch her in a way that serves the expansion of your "orgasmic-ness."

III. emotional mastery and  rewiring beliefs

Taking responsibility for your life by befriending your emotions and embracing ALL of your totality. Creating inner safety, releasing sexual conditioning and emotional blocks. Possibly falling in love with shadow work ;)


IV. Yoni Healing Self-massage

A live guided practice (cameras off) that will help you re-sensitise, bring back aliveness to your yoni and open up new pathways of pleasure.


V. integration week

Time to tune into your inner guidance and embody what you have been learning.


VI. The art of conscious Self-Pleasure

Self-pleasure is not meant to be an escape from your life, or a stress release. It has the potential to become your deepest spiritual practice, a source of confidence, a creative energy, and a connection to your Divine Self.



ViII. Closing circle and integration

Let's keep this one as a surprise ;)


What's included?

Sexuality was something I had to explore because it was the one thing that I had been avoiding. I did not know how to start and also I did not have the right person around me to help me with. Aurika came as a blessing. I am beyond grateful and I know this is just the beginning of my journey.


I'm amazed at how present Aurika and reachable has been. She has been able to invite me into emotions and spaces that were so healing, profound, and empowering — I feel that a big opening has been made inside of me.

I was able to reconnect with parts of my being that I had not felt for 12 years.


My journey has been about healing, especially my pelvic area and my Yoni, which have been trigger areas for a lot of tension, pain, and anger. I feel that I have been tapping into my own power so much more.


I now feel like sexual energy moves through my body. I can step into it. I show up for myself. 

I feel really transformed, so much more present and so much happier. 


I'm so grateful that Aurika guided me in this process of healing.

Louelle, Netherlands

Aurika's compassion, her way of holding space is beautiful. Being with her feels so safe and soft… and you can feel that she is calling forth the goddess within you… inviting you to break out of your own limitations and celebrate your beauty and power with her together. Kind of makes you wanna dance and be wild with her together.  She shares a lot from her own experience, that makes her relatable and creates a lot of trust.

Aurika helped understand the power I am literally sitting on every day! Since then, I connect differently to my yoni, speaking from my pelvis, listening to her guidance, and giving her space to lead – especially with my partner.

Katharina Loewenherz, Astrologer & Coach, Austria 

Aurika is truly in her powerful essence, and holds the space incredibly beautifully. If there's anything in your relation to your body, sexuality, intimate relationships you want to shift into an empowered state, Aurika can totally support you in doing that. I'm so grateful to know her and confidently refer her to my clients.

Laura Mosquera, Clarity Coach, Germany

ok, it's time for some healthy masculine energy.... let's get practical !

What's included in Bliss Codes?

 6 x live group coaching calls with Q&A

(calls will last until all of your answers are answered)

✔ After each call, you’ll get carefully crafted home rituals to embody in your personal space and time.

✔ 1 x live yoni healing self-massage practice. 

✔ Supportive and loving sisters' Facebook group, where you can safely share your experiences, and be held accountable.

✔ Accountability buddy to share your experience with on a regular basis (optional).

✔ Self-Tools that will serve you for your whole life.


8am - UK

 9am - CEST

 10am Lithuania

3pm Bali

Dates* / Saturdays

26 Sep

3 Oct

10 Oct

17 Oct

Integration Week

31 Oct

7 Nov

14 Nov

Time Commitment

Each session will last


Home Play  

Depends on you, anything from 30min to a few hours a week.


"What if I can't attend a session?"*

If for some reason you can't make it to a session, don't worry! Everything will be recorded so you can view the recording anytime later. 

If you know in advance that you can't make it, and you have any questions, you can send them to me beforehand, and I'll answer them during the call. This way you feel completely included in the journey, even if you miss a call.

"What if I have financial difficulties?"**

Money should never be a barrier to love. There is an option to pay in instalments.

If you struggle with finances yet you're 200% committed to this journey, contact me and we can chat.


Aurika Valan is a a women’s sexuality coach and a creatrix of transformational spaces that enable people to experience the depth of their raw, uncensored Truth. It is her deepest soul’s calling to serve fellow sisters and brothers when it comes to awakening consciousness in our sexuality.  


Based on an extensive self-practice, Tantra and Taoism inspired trainings, and also living immersed in conscious community life, Aurika offers a uniquely embodied, down-to-earth approach where our intuitive body wisdom meets the Spirit.


She loves depth and transformation. Apart from facilitating in person journeys, her main line of work is through 1-on-1 coaching. She has a particular passion to empower women. Therefore, she created the Heroine’s Journey into Sexual Awakening which is a condensed 3-month breakthrough experience for women to intentionally embrace their authentic sexuality and love themselves unapologetically.


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