Program Build Up

During this experience, you will be invited to follow your joy. Quite literally!

Ask your intuition, which practices feel most energy-rich to you right now?

Begin with those. 

The more you put in, the more you get out.

1. Bliss Codes Facebook Group

Join the private Facebook group < HERE > created specifically for this round of Bliss Codes. 

I would love you to make a short post with a picture or video of yours sharing a little intro about yourself!

2. Journaling

Please download the Questions for journaling HERE >. These reflections will serve you throughout the whole group program, starting from session #1. 


This is just for you, no need to share them with me. However, if you feel inspired, you are very welcome to share your insights in the Facebook group!


3. Questionnaire

Please answer the questions < HERE >. They are fun and insightful. Many of them are multiple choice questions to make your experience super smooth and simple :)

4. Audio Book

Please listen to the audio book "4 Agreements" by Don Miguel Ruiz. Download it < HERE >.

It is quite short and very beautifully told. It will serve you enormously when it comes to stepping into your power and integrating your transformations into your every day life. 

I have listened to it more than five times and I keep coming back to it. Enjoy!