sensual kickstarter
a 2-hour intensive to get clear and intentional about your sexuality, love and confidence



What will you get?

This intensive is not about moving from vaginal pain to cervical orgasm in two hours. Any promise like that is a hoax.


My heart's promise for you is that we will:

- identify some of the key behaviours, patterns and beliefs that are holding you back;

- map out a clear, actionable roadmap that will shake up any stuckness or inertia;

- most importantly, we'll get you to feeling mobilised, empowered and CAPABLE of love-engineering the life you desire.


This experience is for you if any of the following feel familiar:

- feeling stuck in your intimate life (whether you're single or in a relationship)

- feeling disconnected from your Feminine and intuition

- not enjoying the feeling of being in your body

- inability to orgasm or pain in your yoni

- lack of sexual desire

- unsure how to communicate and deal with emotions

- desire for a safe space to address a specific, personal question 
- need for inspiring, effective tools to unleash your sexual potential 

- resistance, sluggishness and lack of motivation to show up for yourself

Your sexuality is not meant to be a random experience of “trials and errors”, hoping that tomorrow will be better.


You MAKE it better by getting aligned and intentional.

You’re home, sister.


You’re safe and I’m holding your back. 


Sometimes all you need is a gentle and loving push in the right direction.

No fluff.

Depth, safety & clarity.


Ready to take the leap towards a more

body-anchored, sensually activated, and spiritually meaningful life?