reclaim your pleasure in 5 days
24-28 august
free mini online retreat  

I see you.


You are a woman ready to reclaim your innate radiance and own your Femininity.


You are done with feeling numb in your body, lacking sexual desire and just never putting yourself first in life.

It is my mission to how you that  awakening your natural sensuality is no less than your birthright.

does this sound like you?

✔ You have done yoga, meditation and all things spiritual, but sexuality feels like mystery at best or like a scary monster at worst. You wonder, “where do I start?” yet shame and resistance keep you away from taking that first step.

✔ You spend most of your time in your head, feeling stuck in the loop of overthinking and mindfucking. Ouch! Deep down, you long to genuinely let go and relax... for more than your usual 10min coffee break.

✔ You have trained yourself to be assertive, efficient & goal-orientated 24/7. However, deep down, you ache with a longing to be relieved of this tension of relentlessly holding things together.

✔ Your sexuality feels disconnected from the rest of your life. It is something that happens “down there” hidden in silence between the bedsheets. Well, if it happens at all.

You already have a yoni egg but it is just getting dusty somewhere in a drawer.

✔ You cap your pleasure experiences in life.  You just snap out when something feels too pleasurable for too long because you secretly believe that you do not deserve it.


If you said YES to any of the above then I welcome you home, my Queen.


I know that feeling in my own flesh and bones. That feeling where you make it seem that you’ve got it all together but deep down your soul is intensely aching and longing.


There's something fundamental missing. 

More often than not, this piece is the disconnection from your body, heart and sexuality.


Welcome to the free 5-day mini online retreat

Reclaim your pleasure

This experience if for you you if you desire to:


Find your own unique version of self-love by showing up for your divine self for five days in a row. Gift yourself quality time. Keep filling your own cup until it is overflowing with pleasurable aliveness. From this space, you are ready to lead your life as an awakened Queen!

Relax! Learn how to undo any patterns of tension and contraction in your body so that you can soften and relax—not push through—into pleasure.

Open up your sensual body in a slow, intuitive way that honours the natural flow of your body. Practise being in sensuality as opposed to trying to do sensuality!

Befriend your emotions, bravely LEAN INTO their intensity and allow them to teach you what they came to teach you. Shadow work is your New Black :)

Confidently express your needs & desires and stop playing small when it comes to asking for what you need.

Feel motivated and connected to your inner WHY you want to reclaim your pleasure. It is not because it sounds cool or because I told you so. Tap into what makes your heart vibrate. And, importantly, cultivate your capacity to move through resistance. 

Five masterfully designed days, Monday to Friday, dedicated to activate your Pleasure Body in a way that feels natural, intuitive and YOU.


No cookie cutter Goddess fluff with positive affirmations that do not believe in. 

"Okay, i am tingling with curiosity! What's next?"
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What will you get?

5 x live jam-packed sessions in our Facebook group

After each call, you will receive carefully crafted home rituals for deeper embodiment

Supportive and loving sisters' Facebook group where you can safely share your experiences and be held accountable

Self-Love tools that will serve you for a life time!


8am - UK

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3pm Bali


Mon, 24 Aug 

Tue, 25 Aug

Wed, 26 Aug

Thu, 27 Aug

Fri, 28 Aug


Each session will last


Home practice (10-30min) is optional but recommended! 

about your facilitator

Aurika Valan is a a women’s sexuality coach and a creatrix of transformational spaces that enable people to experience the depth of their raw, uncensored Truth. It is her deepest soul’s calling to serve fellow sisters and brothers when it comes to awakening consciousness in our sexuality.  


Based on an extensive self-practice, Tantra and Taoism inspired trainings, and also living immersed in conscious community life, Aurika offers a uniquely embodied, down-to-earth approach where our intuitive body wisdom meets the Spirit.


She loves depth and transformation. Apart from facilitating in person journeys, her main line of work is through 1-on-1 coaching. She has a particular passion to empower women. Therefore, she created the Heroine’s Journey into Sexual Awakening which is a condensed 3-month breakthrough experience for women to intentionally embrace their authentic sexuality and love themselves unapologetically.


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 RECLAIM YOUR PLEASURE is about rewilding your own authentic Femininity that feels like a remembrance of your natural essence.

Instead of pushing and improving yourself improving yourself in order to “be good enough”.

What I value most about Aurika is that she reconnects me with my own inner trust. By her attitude and the way she responds to my words and movements, she gives me the feeling to be seen. She reflects my preciousness, which is a very very powerful resource for me, because it changes the way I am connecting to the world. I clearly communicate my boundaries according to my preciousness, just because I am more aware of it now.

Aurika makes the steps towards the wild woman sound so simple and clear for me, that I just jump over my doubts and try her tools and realize.... yes, it is simple and clear and it was never supposed to be complicated.

- Hanni, Teacher. Germany

This is a beginning of this huge cosmos of sexuality and femininity! 
Before I was not able to talk about sexuality freely. Now I can speak about sexuality freely with other people, with my partner, and I allow myself to feel this sexual energy, especially on my own. I can now experience sexuality in so many different ways that I didn’t expect before! I could really awaken this wild woman inside of me.

I feel so empowered to use all of the tools I got from Aurika and to find my own power. I know now that all the goals that had, all that I imagined to be possible – it’s already inside, laying inside of me! Aurika helped me to bring out those things out and to express them in any way I want!

- Laura Marstatt, Germany

Aurika is truly in her powerful essence and holds the space incredibly beautifully. If there's anything in your relation to your body, sexuality, intimate relationships you want to shift into an empowered state, Aurika can totally support you in doing that. I'm so grateful to know her and confidently refer her to my clients.

- Laura Mosquera, Clarity Coach at House of Moma. Germany

Aurika's compassion, her way of holding space is beautiful. Being with her feels so safe and soft… and you can feel that she is calling forth the goddess within you… inviting you to break out of your own limitations and celebrate your beauty and power with her together. Kind of makes you wanna dance and be wild with her together.  She shares a lot from her own experience, that makes her relatable and creates a lot of trust.

Aurika helped understand the power I am literally sitting on every day! Since then, I connect differently to my yoni, speaking from my pelvis, listening to her guidance and giving her space to lead – especially with my partner.

- Katharina Loewenherz, Astrologer & Coach. Austria

She is a star! She knows what she’s doing and it’s clear that she’s doing this to help people from a state of love. I recommend Aurika's work to everyone who needs deeper self-love and a more enjoyable sex life.


-  Denise Dayan, Energy Healer. Sweden



*"What if I can't attend a session?"

If for some reason you cannot make it to a session, do not worry! Everything will be recorded so you can view the recording anytime. 

Is all this goodness really free?!


This experience will lead to my 2-month group coaching program FEMININE BLISS CODES for which you will receive a special offer. However,  there is no strings attached.

What if I do not have Facebook?

All loving action will take place in the private group. That is the only way to attend. I do understand that you may political reasons not to use this platform, however you may create a temporary account just for these five days.