Women's Essensuality:

body, intimacy & empowerment

Whatever is your relationship to your body and s3xuality, this is an open space for you. Some of us are fully blossoming and multi-orgasmic, while others are longing for more meaningful s3x life, not feeling s3xual at all or maybe even experiencing pain. Let’s bring it all in! This is a place where we can come together in order to transform our experiences, struggles and longings into authentic growth.

We will go on a journey from our conditioned mind down into our body, where we can release stagnant emotions, tap into our intuition and expand our capacity for pleasure.

Once connected to our inner voice & body wisdom, we can start bringing it to the outside world, communicating our true needs, desires and boundaries.

▪️ We don’t need to be fixed, we need to allow our bodies to FEEL SAFE with all that's alive within.
▪️ From this place we learn how to own our feelings, transmuting vulnerability into power.
▪️ We will celebrate and honour our bodies and yonis (pussies) by giving them the love and appreciation that they deserve.

 This day will include:

⋆ Sharing circles & speaking our truth

⋆ Practical exercises (that you can take this home for further embodiment)

⋆ Pleasure anatomy & menstruation

⋆ Body movement & emotional release

⋆ Celebration & dance

⋆ Glitter yoni ceremony (optional)