HEY gorgeous,


I'm on a mission to remap the female sexual atlas

Here numbness and pain transform into pleasure and love.

Our bodies become a source of awakening, not an obstacle to be transcended.
Sexual energy is liberated to transform our lives, create meaningful relationships, and connect us to Spirit.

Practice makes pleasure

"To know yet not to do is not yet to know".

We keep accumulating heaps of concepts and try to create change at the mental level. However, 10 minutes of embodiment can be more meaningful than 10 new theories.


Women's Sexuality Coach

Whole-istic transformation that lasts

Sexuality and coaching combined create lasting change because the deep work is done at the bodily, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. You're continuously held accountable and gently yet firmly guided towards creating the future you desire.

Living from the neck upwards is safe but empty.

Fully switching on the heart and all the chakra bubbles underneath is scary but enlivening.

Merging your sex, heart, and spirit is what gives meaning to life, really.

welcome home, sister



dare to love the totality of you

If you long for self-love that lasts longer than a new course or a book, then the journey will take you down to inhabiting your body, embracing your uncensored, sometimes-messy humanness, and learning to celebrate the totality of you. Not just the IG-filter-beautified parts. 

True self-love will require you to discover and OWN your full-spectrum. 

We cannot say we love ourselves if we're secretly disowning the wild, the shy, insecure, the angry, the lonely, the sexual (you name it) part of us. Deep down we know that wearing masks is exhausting, whilst dropping them is the most liberating, orgasmic, relaxing feeling you may ever experience! 

Embracing the entirety of our sexual expression is a truly radical act of self-love. 

Revealing your vulnerable heart is revolutionary. 

Bringing your naked totality to life is what will create the heart-penetrating intimacy you so long for.

feel the unfelt

You know that spark in the eyes of someone who’s just had a whole night of great sex? Well, I’m here to show you that this is playful, vibrant liveliness is your natural state and not some optional luxury. 

It’s not your fault if you’re not able to orgasm or keep running away from difficult emotions. It means that your heart & your body - given all that they've been through - feel UNSAFE.


It makes sense that you want to protect yourself from feeling. Hence the physical and emotional numbness.

Unsafety to feel pleasure (and pain) also translates into a lack of ability to feel worthy and powerful in your life. 

As you begin feel the unfelt, holding ALL of you in love & consciousness, you become an integrated woman who knows her Queen's worth and will no longer settle for mediocre life, meaningless sex, and unconscious relationships.  


consciously create your reality

It's not just about "having better orgasms" or learning a new sophisticated Tantric technique. Nor is it about scribbling positive affirmations on the mirror.

It's about creating your life consciously where  your awakened sexuality is the secret fuel to everything you do.

Life is not meant to be an array of random circumstances that you just react to and feel a victim of. This is no 90s!


Instead, sacred sexuality will require you to take divine responsibility for your whole life. It will  upgrade the fabric of your life at the most fundamental level.

It's my core belief that every being is able to nurture their sovereignty, reclaim their blissfulness & consciously create their chosen reality. This is freedom This is self-love.



menstruation as a collective experience by men & women

Moontime as a portal for a deeper meeting between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

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on commitment and the art of showing up

Bringing back the Values of showing up and impeccability of one's word

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orgasms buried under pain and numbness

Numbness or pain in your pussy signal that she feels unsafe to feel pleasure. She protects herself from feeling. How to allow pleasure into your body?

ok, my heart's beating a little faster...

I want more pleasure!

 what's next?