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HEY gorgeous,


I'm on a mission to remap the female sexual atlas

Here numbness and pain transform into pleasure.

The inner body intelligence takes over the shame and taboos around sexuality.

Sexual energy is liberated to empower us and transform our lives.

Practice makes pleasure

"To know yet not to do is not yet to know".

We keep accumulating heaps of theory and concepts because we don't dare to get our HANDS DOWN in practice. You may know that deep breathing in sex is good but when the actual moment comes we forget or resist doing it.

Love yourself enough to rewire those life-long habits. Hands on.


Sexuality is our expression of self-love

The disassociation between our sex and spirit is a collective one and I haven’t met a human being who doesn’t hold some level of trauma here, myself included.

Embracing the entirety of our sexual expression is a truly bold act of self-love. 

It's about time to start playing big! Your playing small does not serve the world.

The key to having the
most vibrant sexuality is by
accepting all of yourself.
moment to moment.
whether you can orgasm or
not feeling sexual at all.



know what's inside your yoni

For most, yoni (vagina) is some mysterious pitch-black hole where we stumble around as if we were blind.  It's about time to really get to know her and her PLEASURE ANATOMY so that we:

relax and open up your pelvis which is related to opening your throat and claiming back your power, confidence, money, relationships and your place in the world;

know how and where we like to be touched (just this alone is seriously empowering!);

restore pleasure in your sexual by releasing old physical/emotional pain.

feel the unfelt

You know that spark in the eyes of someone who’s just had a whole night of great sex? Well, I’m here to show you that this is playful, vibrant liveliness is your natural state and not some optional luxury. 

It’s not your fault if you’re not able to orgasm, it means your body - given all that it’s been through - feels UNSAFE. So she protects herself from feeling. Hence the numbness.

Unsafety to feel pleasure also translates into a lack of ability feel worthy and powerful in your life. 

Give yourself the space and the permission to feel the unfelt.


celebrate your cyclic nature 

Menstruation is not meant to be that time of the month when we feel there's something wrong with us, while the rest of the month we're "normal". 

Our bleeding time is a part of a greater 4-week cycle, where the changing hormones affect everything from our sexual appetite and energy levels to our capacity to relate and create. Thus, understanding our menstrual cycle allows for a deeper self-acceptance moment to moment as opposed to expecting to feel the same throughout the month.


Celebrating our cyclic feminine nature connects us to our ancestors and the greater cycles of the Mother Nature; it invites more creativity and intuitive wisdom. Even your menstrual cramps are an access point for self-empowerment — they are your body's cry for attention and greater self-love. 


Use this opportunity - by honouring your period - to integrate the deeper aspects of your true, embodied Femininity.



menstruation as a collective experience by men & women

Moontime as a portal for a deeper meeting between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine

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on commitment and the art of showing up

Bringing back the Values of showing up and impeccability of one's word

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orgasms buried under pain and numbness

Numbness or pain in your pussy signal that she feels unsafe to feel pleasure. She protects herself from feeling. How to allow pleasure into your body?

ok, my heart's beating a little faster...

I want more pleasure!

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